Thursday, April 30, 2009

pineapple almond tart

tempahan oleh Wan untuk pertunangan adik iparnya and dia order extra untuk keluarga makan-makan. Selalunya macam tu, tak kan saudara mara nak tengok aje yg dalam kotak hantaran tuu... nak juga rase...ya tak?

april birthdays

last Sunday, two persons celebrated their birthdays and one person been very busy in her kitchen baking...

cake for Ikmal...seorang kaki futsal yang digeruni.. memang terer!

and this cake made for Ina, a birthday surprise from her best friend Siti...she wanted a small, cute and sweet cake just like her..

Sunday, April 26, 2009


menu minum petang ahad lepas... roti sardin, roti kismis and roti choc & almond..guess mana yang habis dulu...i just love baking bread! roti sardin...
roti kismis...

roti almond & choc....yeh!! here comes the winner

Friday, April 17, 2009

almond tart with blueberry filling

almond tart with blueberry filling and cream puff - made for my huBBy's office farewell party - i like the dusting effect

fruit tart

guess what..fruit tart was the hottest item in the last couple of weeks..thanks to adik-adik cun in PATSB.. i think they really enjoyed the creamy custards with generous slices of fruits on top!

our anniversary

My husband and i celebrated our 13th anniversary early this month..Alhamdulillah i m so grateful to Allah for being blessed with a husband who is so understanding and supportive and...know how to make surprises! Yes he managed to surprise me with a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the nite! 13 roses with a cute little bear, thank you dear.