Friday, August 21, 2009


Selamat beribadah dan beramal sepanjang bulan ramadan yang penuh keberkatan semoga diterima oleh Allah ... kepada keluarga, sahabat dan semua yang pernah berurusan dengan SmashingLY cakes and pastries mohon kemaafan atas kesilapan serta kekurangan diri......

alia's birthday

blueberry cheesecake for sweetie alia's 10th birthday on 12 August.. her favourite and brought some for her friends and they just can't have enough of it. The fresh cream is terrible .. melting away silap teknik la tuuu..huhu. Sorry ya sayang next time mama do it nicely

moga jadi anak solehah dan berjaya dalam setiap usaha...Amin!

to accept or not to accept

thought of having a break before ramadhan tapi ramai yang berhajat ... so ini la hasilnya... 200 pcs of puff pastry, cupcakes pandan, lemon poppy seed and chocolate and 2 cute cheesecake with blueberry topping.

huBBy got the name wrong..

many thanks to hawa, azlina, zura, aizam and ida...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

haPPy biRthDay azliNa

it was kind of a short notice...but i just didnt have the heart to turn down the request ... and here it is ... cheesecake with blueberry & fruits on top...glad that azLina enjoyed the cake..haPPy b'Day may she is blessed with happiness & success always ...Amin

imaan's 5th b'day

my youngest daughter...or the little princess turns 5 on July 20th and mummy had to bake extra one for her friends and teacher at school and the other to be enjoyed at home.

here's imaan happily cutting her cake..strawberry is a must with this little angel

fruity cheese cake with fresh cream topping